COVID-19 Response Volunteer to Help

March 23, 2020

Vermont health care providers are working overtime to assure everyone receives the best care during this COVID-19 pandemic.  We need to build our workforce to support our health care workers so they can rest and stay healthy and provide good care to patients.

Vermont’s Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) units are community-based groups of volunteers who supplement public health resources with their existing skills.   The MRC program needs more volunteers to support Vermont’s healthcare system.

We are looking for qualified health, mental health, and related professional who are interested in supporting the states response efforts.  As well as, individuals with healthcare administrative experience and folks experienced in working with displaced individuals (homeless shelters).

Will you answer the call to help?

Currently, there have been some opportunities to assist with packing materials for shipment and opportunities answering calls at call center for volunteers.  There may or may not be other MRC opportunities that arise, as we do not know were COVID-19 is heading — particularly a possible need for healthcare professionals.  

For becoming involved with the MRC, you can sign-up here,, make sure you select the unit in your area, map:, upon sign-up, so the corresponding unit coordinator will know to reach out to you.  Sign-up instructions attached, please double check that you select the correct unit.

Other ways to help for COVID-19, may be found by reaching out to your local community groups/organizers like rotary and lion clubs, soup kitchens, and viewing your neighborhood Front Porch Forum group.  Additional volunteer activities can be found here: